St. Louis County Justice Center

Project Details /

Construction Type



Clayton, MO

Size / Stories

160,000 SF / 3-story



Project Highlights

The St. Louis County Courts project provided a much-needed upgrade and relocation of the Family Courts into new facilities within the overall County Government Center. The competitive design-build project efficiently satisfied the County’s criteria while fitting within the strictly specified time and a locked-in budget of $122,000,000. The renovation and addition also re-oriented the building to have an attractive and prominent entrance on Central Avenue.

Cast-in-place wide module pan slabs with long-span PT beams were used for the main 3-story, 160,000 SF addition above existing southern parking garage, 60’ span. PT girders with 30’ on-center columns, created three bays of 60’ x 300 ‘ wide open, column-free space that made easy space planning for various uses, including many courtrooms, offices, and the 72 juvenile detention cells, gymnasium, classrooms, offices, kitchen-dining, infirmary, and enclosed outdoor recreation.

External post-tension tendons, deviators and anchors were fully developed by Alper Audi to reinforce capacity members for new loading and uses for entire existing top parking deck. The scheme was less obstructive to the function and capacity of the parking garage. To recondition the existing slab where it was distressed, or to providing openings for new stairs/elevators/escalators, modern methods reconstituted obsolete and no-longer available “button-head” PT system and mated the old system with current-technology multi-strand tendons and anchorages. These techniques were developed to repair and splice the numerous tendon breaks, reinforce slab and were uniquely detailed at several new openings. The tendons had to be carefully de-tensioned, refashioned, reseated in new concrete, and re-tensioned.

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