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The firm’s experienced staff lend their creativity, dedication and collaboration to every project, spanning a diverse range of structure type. Alper Audi is well versed in the design and construction of all the major structural materials in addition to many proprietary and newly developed specialty systems. 

While more than 50 percent of assignments are performed on a design-build basis, Alper Audi has provided structural engineering for a wide range of construction delivery methods making us a key asset to both the design and construction team.

Reinforced Concrete

A versatile and durable construction material, reinforced concrete plays a role in virtually all construction projects and with the development of new high-strength concrete mixes the sky is the limit.

Structural Steel

The workhorse of the construction world, structural steel has been crucial to the world’s greatest structures and continues to be used to build bigger and taller.

Post-tensioned Concrete

When longer spans and thinner slabs are required post-tensioned concrete is the ideal solution. Both fast and customizable, post-tensioned concrete is a perfect fit for tight schedules and distinctive architectural designs.


Thousands of years old art and craft construction, it remains a basic material in schools, higher education, industrial and many another applications.

Cold-formed Steel

Cold formed steel’s competitive price and speed of construction makes it a great choice for residential, retail, educational, healthcare, mixed-use, corporate, industrial, senior living, and hospitality facilities.

Timber Framed

Whether it be traditional sawn lumber, engineered wood or mass timber, Alper Audi is able to to provide light, sustainable and economical design.

Forsyth Pointe

This 1 million sf world-class mixed-use development in the heart of Clayton, MO. The office towers are composed of cast-in-place concrete elevator/stair cores which act as the lateral force resisting system while also supporting the steel framed composite floor decks.

Worldwide Technologies

This 7-story global headquarters building for WWT headquarters building accommodates up to 1,000 employees. Construction is a combination of glass curtain wall system with an architectural exterior granite rain screen wall system with aluminum composite metal panels and a steel framing system with concrete floors.

“As a team, we went from encountering a substantial problem, to six weeks later having a solution and executing the work. Pretty remarkable!”

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